Renesans Hostel There is simply no other location that would be more central - the Renesans Hostel is situated at the Main Market Square, just 15 seconds away from St. Mary's Church and 15 seconds away from the famous Cloth Hall. The hostel is... more 24 Guest House The hostel is located ca. 10 minutes from the railway station and the international coach station on the Szlak Street more Zodiakus Hostel Zodiakus Hostel is a perfect place to feel the magic of Krakow and is situated 5 min from Railway Station and 5 min from the Main Square on Westerplatte Street. more Victoria Hostel Hostel Victoria is located in a quiet part of Cracow, 3.5 km from the A4 motorway, and offers self-catering accommodation with free Wi-Fi and private parking. more Wielopole Hostel a Cesar Wielopole Hostel is located in the heart of Krakow (old town) on the Librowszczyzna Street. There is only 5 minute foot walk to the main square, little further is Kazimierz – old Jewish District. more Yellow hostel Yellow Hostel situated on the Dunajewskiego Street in the very heart of Krakow. It offers 19 attractive rooms. more The Secret Garden Hostel The Secret Graden Hostel is an excellent choice for people looking for a moderately priced comfort rooms. more Trzy Kafki Plus Hostel Trzy Kafki PLUS Hostel is located in a historic four-storey property on the corner of Rajska and Dolnych Mlynow Streets. more Trzy Kafki Hostel Located in the centre of Krakow, on the corner of Krowoderska street and Slowackiego avenue, Trzy Kafki Hostel offers a cheap accommodation. more Tavellers Inn Hostel Friendly, relaxed and budget hostel mostly with dormitory rooms. Ideally situated between 2 most vibrant parts of the city: The Main Square (7 min. walk) and Kazmierz, former Jewish district ( 3 min. walk) on Sarego Street. more Totu Hostel Totu Hostel is located in a prestigious area of Krakow at the Gertrudy Street - just around the corner from it is the Wawel Castle and only a few minutes walk will take You both to the Main Square and the Jewish district of Kazimierz.... more Taurus Hostel Hostel Taurus in Kraków is located a 15-minute walking from the Market Square and offers a 24-hour front desk service. more Tara Hostel Tara Hostel is located in the heart of Krakow on the Krakowska Street – in an antique tenement in Jewish district Kazimierz. It’s a favorite place for both: tourists interested in sightseeing and those who enjoy a nightlife –... more Stairway Hostel Stairway Hostel is an amazing place located in 20th century apartment house located 50 meters from the Ghetto Heroes Square in the Podgorze district, a place where you can find the endless possibilities of entertainment and have a... more Soul Hostel The Soul Hostel is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Krakow, a city full of astonishing sites and magical atmosphere. more Sokol Hostel Sokol Hostel is located on the Sokolska Street in the 19-century building in the oldest part of Podgorze district in the site of the medieval Royal Lake. more Smocza Jama Hostel The Dragon's Den Hostel is located on Wielopole street in the very heart of Krakow, near the Main Market Square and Old Jewish District Kazimierz. more Sky Hostel Hostel is located in the very centre of Krakow on Dunajewskiego Street, around 2 minutes walking from the Main Square. It offers 70 accomodation places and all kind of rooms: 1,2,3,4,6 and 8 bedded. more S Hostel S Hostel is a newly opened hostel in the city centre. Its interior design makes you feel like at home. Modern furniture makes the hostel light and airy. more RK Hostel RK Hostel is situated in the picturesque district of Podgórze, in a historic tenement overlooking the Castle of Wawel. more Rest Hostel Rest Hostel is located at Sołtysowska Street in the Czyżyny district of Cracow. The Wawel Hill and Kazimierz are only 8 km from the Hostel. more Peregrinus Apartments & Rooms Peregrinus Apartments & Rooms” is an exceptional place and an extraordinary offer. It offers truly inexpensive rooms with bathrooms or without for those penny-conscious, as well as attractive suites for those demanding more ones. more Pink Panther's Hostel Superbly located in the Old Town. Only a minute walk to the picturesque Main Market Square allowing you to truly experience the atmosphere of Krakow. more Patria Hostel The Patria Hostel is situated nearby center of the Old Town, what makes visiting Krakow easier and doing round around about all the stuff. more Panda hostel The Panda Hostel is a newly opened location in Krakow. It was created for those who prefer tradition and modernity and want to know more about Krakow’s hottest parties. more Orange Hostel The Orange Hostel is located on Dietla Street, in a historical house whose windows overlook beautiful gardens and Wawel Castle. more Old Town Hostel Old Town Hostel is situated in the centre of the Old Town area, 100 metres from the Main Market Square on the Szczepanski Square. more Okay Hostel Hostel Okay is situated on the Kościuszki Street. It offers an intimate and cozy atmosphere. It makes you feel as at home in Krakow. more Nazar&Apart Hostel The Apart&Hostel Nazar put a special empahis on the safety and peace of the guests. The whole building is monitored and reception is open 24 hours a day. more Mundo Hostel The Mundo Hostel is perfectly located on the Sarego Street in the very centre of Krakow between the historic Old Town and Kazimierz, the former Jewish District which is now the centre of bohemian nightlife in Krakow. more Momotown hostel Momotown hostel could be just another Krakows hostel... But it is not! Created in the middle of the famous district of Kazimierz on the Miodowa Street, Momotown is the most colourful and cheerful place in this magic town. more Moon Hostel Plus The Moon Hostel Plus is a newly opened hostel in the very heart of Cracow (7 minutes from the Main Square). more Moon Hostel Moon Hostel is located in Senatorska Street in the very heart of Cracow in an exceptionally green neighbourhood between the Main Square and Wawel Hill - two most interesting places of the city. more Miodosytnia Located in Kazimierz, Krakow's historical Jewish district, Miodosytnia is a design aparthotel only 70 metres from Wolnica Square in a 16th-century gracefully renovated building. more MelloPlace Guest Rooms Mello Place is the perfect choice for travelers who are looking for combination of comfortable accommodation and low price. more Mama's Hostel Doubles If you need a privacy, the brand new hostel Mama's Doubles Krakow where 4 double rooms are waiting for most demanding customers is just perfect for you. more Mama's Hostel Old Town The Mama's Hostel Old Town is located just next to The Main Market Square in a newly renovated building of the historical 14th-century Kamienica Hetmańska House, where spacious sunny rooms with comfortable beds are waiting for you,... more Labo Summer Rooms The apartments are situated in a mansion, an old bacteriological laboratory called the Institute for the Production of Sera and Vaccines which was headed by the founder of Polish Bacteriology Prof. more Lemon Hostel The Lemon Hostel is located on Straszewskiego Street in the heart of city just few steps from Main Market Square, close to all monuments, attractions, restaurants and pubs. more Kos Hostel Kos Hostel's offer includes an accommodation in the cozy rooms located at Rajska Street in the city center. more Kajzer Hostel The Kajzer Hostel consists of 15 spacious, aestheticly furnished rooms with large bathrooms. It is situated in the very centre of the old Podgorze district, in a charming, old but renovated tenement which is filled with the history of... more Hostel & Kadetus Plus The Hostel is located in the heart of Krakow, between the Wawel Royal Castle - a root of Polish tradition and history, and the Market Square - the centre of Krakow's culture and entertainment. more Joker Hostel Joker Hostel is the perfect place to explore Krakow on a budget. It is located in the Old Town, just 12 minutes away from the Market Square on the Lenartowicza Street. more Hostel 70's and apartments The Hostel 70's is an ideal place for families with children. It offers double rooms and multiplayer accomodation for young people in an attractive price. more Wegierska Hostel Wegierska Hostel is situated in the center of Krakow's district – Podgórze on the Węgierska Street in 19-century building. more Hostel Atrakcyjny Kazimierz The Hostel Atrakcyjny Kazimierz is located on the Estery Street near the Plan Nowy in the heart of the old Jewish Quartier Kazimierz more Hostel in Kraków Hostel is situated in the heart of the Old Town in the 1 Sikorskiego Square, no further than 500 meters from the Main Market Square and 800 metres from Wawel. more Hostel Bursa Jagiellońska Backpackers Hostel "Bursa Jagiellonska" accommodates tourists from all around the world every summer, from July till September. more Honey Hostel Here the running a hostel in Cracow it is not only business skill or creativity that counts, but the will to create a cozy, unforgettable place for people in which they will spend a few days of their lives. more High Life Hostel High Life hostel is a brand new place opened just in the very heart of Krakow - Starowislna Street. It is located just 5 minutes walk from both bubbly Main Square and monumental Jewish part of Krakow - Kazimierz. more Heynow Hostel Heynow Hostel, which is situated on the historical trail of the Royal Way is a place in which time takes on a special significance in the ‘here and now’, making it possible for guests to revel in the special morning atmosphere of... more Guliwer Hostel The Guliwer Hostel awaits everybody who is looking for a stay in Krakow in a welcoming, quiet and relaxing atmosphere. more Green Hostel Green Hostel has an excellent location, in the vicinity of the Wawel Castle , the Main Square and Old Town, Railway Station which will enable you to make a walking tour in the city and use all advantages and attraction of Cracow. more Golden Hostel The Golden Hostel is located in a renovated and refurbished building on the Bosacka Street. more GlobArt Hostel GlobArt is a brand new hostel located in the very centre of Krakow on the Basztowa Street, just across the street from the city's most vibrant areas and only 5 minute walk from the train/bus station. more St. Benedict Foundation Hostel The hostel was created both in an amazing city and place. All of that was done to ensure that the Krakow’s extraordinary atmosphere stays with you forever regardless of where you go later on. more Freedom Hostel Freedom Hostel is situated in the centre of Kraków, 15 minutes from the Main Market Square on the Pomorska Street. more Free Hostel Free Hostel is situated on Starowislna Street near the Old Town. The recently renovated, spacious and clean rooms guarantee you a comfortable accommodation during your stay in Krakow. more Football Corner Hostel The hostel is located on Wroblewskiego street in the quiet alley near the one of the main street in the center, which makes it easy and simple/effortless/trouble-free to visit the main monuments, pubs and shops, if you are shopping... more Flower Hostel Flower Hostel is located in a historic building on one of the oldest streets of Krakow (st. Tomasza Street), just one minute away from the Market Square of Krakow. more Euro-Room Hostel Euro-Room Hostel is a modern accommodation site, situated on the third floor of a historic tenement in the very heart of magical Krakow on Wielopole Street more Euro Hostel Euro Hostel is situated in the most representative part of Krakow, in the vicinity of the finest monuments in the very heart of the Old Town, a short distance from the Main Square. more Enigma Hostel & Apartments Enigma Hostel&Apartment is a fresh opened hostel in the heart of Krakow, on the corner of Rakowicka and Topolowa Streets — by the Main Railway and Bus Station. more Dom Turysty Hostel Dom Turysty Hostel is situated in the center of Krakow. In the antique tenement house you will find the cosy and pleasant rooms, which were recently renovated. more Dodo Hostel One of the newest hostels in Krakow's city centre! It's made by the polish students for backpackers from all over the world. more DJ Hostel DJ Hostel is situated on the Rakowicka Street, in the centre of Krakow close to the Central Railway Station, International and Central Bus Station and 10 minutes by foot to the Old Town. more Cinema Hostel The Cinema Hostel has a perfect location: near the Wawel Castle (2 min. walk) in the Stradomska street between the Jewish Quarter Kazimierz ( 2min. walk) and the Main Market square (10 min walk). more Cieply Kat Hostel Cieply Kat Hostel is located on Wrobela Street, away from the hustle and crowded city – around 20 minutes by car from the Main Square. more Centrum-Krakow Hostel Hostel Centrum is the biggest Hostel in Krakow. It is located in St. Gertrude street, in the very heart of the Old Town, just 200 meters from the Main Square and 150 meters from the Royal Castle on the Wawel Hill. more Barka Basia Hostel Barka Basia Hostel is located at the banks of the Vistula River in Krakow, a 10-minute walk from the Main Market Square. It features a spacious sun terrace, a restaurant and cabins with free Wi-Fi. more Butik hostel Butik Hostel - nice and cozy hostel located in a historical building in the center of Cracow - can offer spacious and bright rooms with private bathrooms as well as a chap accommodation in the dormitories. more Bling-Bling Hostel Bling Bling Hostel is a special place for those who looks for an accomodation in Krakow and likes a nice, cozy atmosphere in a stylish setting. The hostel has favorable location on Pedzichow Street and extremaly attractive prices. more Brama hostel Brama Hostel is situated in the heart of UNESCO - worldheritage Old Town of Krakow. It is located in a few metres distance from Florian Gate in the most popular street of Kracow, visited by 50.000 to 80.000 pedestrians daily. more Ars hostel if you want to have a chance to get to know the real Krakow, the best clubs, the best Polish restaurants - not just the ones for tourists -and sleep in a cosy, safe and friendly hostel- the Ars Hostel is a right place for you! more Apart Hostel Apart Hostel is located on the Siemiradzkiego Street in the center of the Old City in a beautifully renovated art nouveau apartment building. more Any Time Hostel Any Time hostel, situated in a completely renovated historical 18th-century building in the heart of Krakow's Old Jewish District Kazimierz offers you the spacious and sunny rooms with comfortable beds. more Amber hostel Hostel Amber is situated in the middle of the glorious Krakow on the Krowoderska street. It is only 3 minutes walking from Main Market and 10 minutes from the Royal Wawel Castle. more Aleje 28 Hostel Aleje 28 Hostel offers a cheap and high standard accomodation in the Krakow's city center, 10 minutes walking from the famous Old Town. more Ada Hostel The name of the hostel "Ada" comes from the English word: "Island". The staff of the Ada Hostel try to make your trip as if you stay in an island with full of peace. more Hostel Renesans Welcome to our new hostel, located in a heritage building in the very heart of the old Krakw. more Blue Hostel Blue Hostel is located in the city centre of Krakow. Just 4 minute walk from the Main Market Square and 6 minute walk from the railway station. It offers a cosy, homely atmosphere and fully-equipped kitchen and bathrooms. It has a... more Mosquito Hostel Mosquito Hostel offers you a choice of private rooms and dorms. Dorms with bunk beds and really thick comfortable mattresses are full adult size, so no chance to bump your head on the top bunk as you sit on the bottom one! Each bed has... more Hostel Rynek 7 Hostel Rynek 7 is situated in 15th century historical building on the Main Square in Krakow - the biggest market square in Europe. Rooms have a spectacular view of the Cloth Hall. It is cheap hostel with the best possible location in... more Deco Hostel Deco Hostel is located in a reconstructed tenement house, which was built in the 1930s and the spirit of the Interwar Period can still be sensed within its walls. This place has got its own style and could not have been created... more Giraffe Hostel All hostels provide the same things like a place to sleep, security lockers, free linen and clean, so-called western style toillets. Giraffe Hostel offers all this plus a bar with a big screen, wide variety of alcohols (Polish vodkas,... more Tutti Frutti Hostel Tutti Frutti Hostel is one of the best hostels in Krakow. It definitely has the best location - in the heart of Florianska – one of the busiest and most popular streets in Krakow. Facilities include an enjoyable common room, the... more Faust Hostel Hostel Faust is located 150 meters from The Main Market Square. Moreover, thanks to its location in the backyard of old buildings, hostel also offers peace and quiet, which is unusual in this lively part of the city. Szewska Street on... more Elephant on the Moon Hostel Elephant on the Moon is a cozy and friendly hostel which lies in a peaceful and picturesque Vistula river bend a bit further from the Old Town, Wawel Castle and the Former Jewish District Kazimierz than most of the hostels in Krakow.... more Nathan's Villa Hostel Nathan's Villa has been recommended and rated many times as the Best Hostel in Krakow (Let's Go Guide, Lonely Planet Guide, In Your Pocket Guide) Its doors opened in May 2003 as the First Backpacker's Hostel in Krakow. more Good Bye Lenin Hostel Good Bye Lenin Hostel is neither a refuge with 14-people rooms nor a hotel with well-ironed bed linen as its main attraction. This place is a goal in itself. It absorbs you and allows everybody's energy to create a great adventure –... more City Hostel The City Hostel is a place designed for those who want to discover Krakow in their own, special way. At this place, you can plan your tour of the intriguing corners of the city and rest after discovering the charms of famous Krakow... more Let's Rock Hostel The beauty of the hostel is that it maintains the best and most useful services and facilities for backpackers while giving a new twist to the Iron Curtain – from the West side! – in absolutely perfect location – 2 min on foot... more Dizzy Daisy Downtown Hostel Dizzy Daisy Downtown is a unique blend of the quintessential backpacker’s hostel and an excellent place for all other tourists visiting Krakow: families, friends, students and organised groups. more Atlantis Hostel Atlantis offers the cheapest accommodation in the city centre. Here you will spend a night in equally high standards as other hostels, but you`ll pay much less! more Premium Hostel Driven by the slogan `Hotel quality at hostel prices` Premium Hostel focused mainly on comfortable private rooms. It offers two, three or four bed rooms which are of course finished to the highest standard and come with en suite... more Greg & Tom Hostel Perfect for backpackers looking for comfortable stay with good hostel prices who don't mind dormitory rooms ( no bunk beds though). For more fussy guests it offers some private double rooms, equipped in comfy furniture and one king... more Momotown Hostel It has all you need for a perfect hostel stay: there are two common rooms - one with computers (for the use it charges very little and there is free Wi-Fi access), and the other one with big-screen TV (good Polish classic movies and... more Cracow hostel Choosing Cracow Hostel, situated on the Krakow's Market Square you can be sure, that everything you should see in Krakow is near you and only from our windows you may actually see it at any time of day or night. And when you will... more AQQ Hostel We have two, small, cozy hostels with a helpful and personable staff. Both are located in old town and are ideal to explore Krakow either by day or by night, both are about 10 min walk apart. First place has dormitory rooms, second... more Travellers Inn It is a friendly, relaxed and budget hostel mostly with dormitory rooms. Ideally situated between 2 most vibrant parts of the city: The Main Square (7 min. walk) and Kazmierz, former Jewish district (3 min. walk). Hostel's atmosphere... more Mama's Hostel Mama's Hostel Krakow was opened on 1st June 2004 as one of first hostels in Poland and it soon became best hostel in Krakow. Mama's hostel excellence was proved very many times by international awards. Mama's Hostel Krakow was 3 times... more Flamingo Hostel Flamingo Hostel in Krakow with the best location in town, is right in the heart of the old town, only 20 m away from the famous Main Square, the largest open square in Europe. Within a stone's throw you'll find many funky clubs, music... more Draggo House Draggo House combines the standard of a hotel with hostel prices, which makes our property an ideal option for an overnight stay in Krakow. more

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